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What is CARDPOW! #cashback?
CARDPOW! gives you cashback on everyday purchases. Buy promoted products or services at any Participating Merchant, upload to CARDPOW a photo of your receipt to get cash in your account. Once you earn RM50 in cashback, you can request to be paid!

Where can I redeem CARDPOW promotions?
At any Participating Merchant! To get your cashback, simply upload your receipt. We just need proof that you purchased one or more promoted products or service so that we can add cash to your account. Some promotions are open to any merchant, please read the Promotions T&C.

Can I redeem multiple promotions from one receipt?
Not at the moment, unless stated otherwise.

What receipts are not allowed for cashback?
Almost all purchases on products and services at offline Participating Merchants are accepted, except for the following:

  • Handwritten.
  • Without any GST registration number.
  • Has no receipt number.
  • Crumpled, torn or crushed.
  • Unclear, illegible, or cannot be read by human eyes.
  • Written in a language other than in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Incomplete, showing only half or a portion of a receipt.
  • Does not show GST tax summary.
  • Digital reloads such as mobile phone top up, Touch n Go, etc.
  • Parking coupons.
  • Pre-paid coupons / cash vouchers.
  • Longer than 25cm.
  • Not uploaded within the specified date allowance.
  • Airline and hotel tickets.
  • House or car deposits.
  • Utilities: Eletricity, water, internet, phone, gas, etc.
  • Petrol receipts.
  • Receipts with a total value of more than RM301, unless stated otherwise.
  • Online purchases of any kind.
  • Duplicate of receipts or credit card receipt transactions.
  • Folded receipts
  • Receipts that are suspicious of abnormal usage. (e.g. you visit McDonald 5 times a day, buy laptops using 5 different payment methods, eat in the same restaurant twice in less than 10 minutes, etc.)
  • Trade invoices from purchasing at wholesale centres, wholesalers, trade suppliers, etc.
  • Medical / hospital bills

Note: This exclusion list will be updated from time to time.

You may upload receipts using the following methods:

  1. Using Cam Scanner or any scanning app.
  2. Use a normal flatbed scanner.

Can I redeem a promotion more than once?
Sometimes! We try to have as few restrictions as possible on our offers, so you can often multiply your cash-back by purchasing several units of the promoted product. Each promotion’s redemption limit is clearly noted on its details page.

How long does it take for my receipt to be approved?
We strive to approve all receipts within 3 to 7 working days. However, due to the number of receipts being uploaded, we are currently taking longer to process receipts. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to contact customer support at with any concerns.

How do I get paid? 
When you’ve earned RM50 or more in cash back, you can request payment. Go to 'My Profile' page and select 'Withdraw Cashback'.

Can I upload multiple receipts in one picture, at one time?
Please don't, we don't have eyes like Superman.

Can I use the upload receipt more than once?
No, you may not upload it more than once, if fact if you did, we'll report you and the other person to MACC. Just joking.

Can I take photo of a few sections of receipts that are too long?
While Wolverine might have cut up your receipts, we can't possibly piece them together. We suck at jigsaw puzzles btw.

When should I use CARDPOW?
Browse our cash-back promotions before you go shopping. Buy promoted products or service at any Participating Merchant store, and then simply upload your receipt within 48 hours of purchase to get cash back. It’s that simple!

How should I upload receipts on CARDPOW?
Take a photo of the receipt shown below, please take straight down with proper lighting.

What devices can I use CARDPOW on?
CARDPOW can be used on a smartphone or tablet, or mobile browser at 

Download the Android app here:

Download the Apple app here:

You can also add us on WeChat, simply search for CARDPOW. 

How do I upload a long receipt?
We have a limit of receipts of 25cms. We do not accept receipts longer than that as it becomes difficult to read.

What do I do if the receipt photo is blurry?
If you can't read the receipt photo, then neither can we. Simply re-upload or re-take the photo again.

Are there any fees for using CARDPOW?
CARDPOW is absolutely free to use. However, if you do not redeem any promotions for twelve (12) consecutive months, CARDPOW may begin charging a monthly Account Maintenance Fee, which will decrease your cash balance over time. Under no circumstances will such fees cause you to owe money to CARDPOW; the lowest your cash balance can go is RM0.00.

When do offers expire?
Offers expire either when (1) the maximum number of redemptions has been reached or (2) the promotion has concluded. Expired promotions will either be hidden or clearly marked as unavailable.

When will my payment be debited into my bank account?
Typically, payments are debited within two (2) weeks of request but may take up to thirty (30) days. We're trying to recruit The Flash to work for us, but it's difficult to catch him.

Where is CARDPOW available?
Currently, CARDPOW #cashback is only available in selected states of Malaysia. Please check inidividual promotions for further details.

Can I have multiple accounts?
No, each person can only have ONE account.

Can I get cash back on online receipts?
Today we're focused on getting you cashback from offline retailers, so for the most part, CARDPOW is not valid with online receipts. Occasionally, an offer can be used with online retailers, but we'll always specify that on the offer's details page.

How do I contact customer service?
Light up the bat signal and Batman will come to you rescue. If he's too busy, send us an email at or via our Facebook page.